As you know, I absolutely love the amazing tea mixologists over at Bluebird Tea Co. and I have written a couple of posts about them before here and here. Recently though I took my very first… View Full Post

It’s always nice to do a bit of regular exercise, even if you’re not trying to lose weight. If you are though, apparently the trick is 80% diet, 20% exercise. I feel like statistically, 20%… View Full Post

Last night I actually went to bed with the window closes and no fan on, which means it is officially autumn (well technically it starts in 2 days,) my favourite season of the year! And… View Full Post

Okay so a week ago today I turned 21 after what felt like a lifetime of being 20. I thought I should write a post about it seeing as it is an Important Life Event.… View Full Post

Cleanse, detox, fast – call it what you want, juicing seems to have a bad press, just because some celebrities practically live off them. Shout out to my mother, who would say “But you NEED… View Full Post