When I think about veganism, I picture beautiful Buddha bowls, perfectly crushed avocado on toast and wholesome chia seed smoothies. The reality of it is me working my way through a packet of Bourbons and… View Full Post

I went through this phase of watching grocery hauls on YouTube. My favourites were girls in American dorm rooms starting out on their veggie/vegan journey spending like 9 dollars on grapes bc they have no… View Full Post

I’m going to be leaving London soon, and in the couple of weeks I have left I wanted to do as many touristy things as possible. When the Sea Life London Aquarium asked me if… View Full Post

Last weekend my Mummy and her Jonny came up to visit me (well they were passing through anyway) and I got to go for a free meal, which is pretty much the most exciting thing… View Full Post

Pancakes. E’ry weekend. Wait. Hold up. Pancakes e’ryday gurl. I ain’t playin’. Want to impress your homies with some interesting, delicious, nutritious, decadent and easy to make pancakes? Here is a great recipe I basically… View Full Post