As you can probably tell from yesterday’s post, I spend a wee bit too much time on Pinterest, feverishly pinning and making mental notes on how to improve myself and generally getting sucked into the… View Full Post

This is just a quick one because after a lot of pissing about I think I have FINALLY found my perfect pancakes recipe, which is dairy free because it involves oat milk. I hadn’t done… View Full Post

We all had fun making pancakes on Tuesday didn’t we? Whether you just chucked some ingredients together and sprinkled with lemon and sugar or went to a fancy restaurant where you had gold flakes in… View Full Post

Pancakes. E’ry weekend. Wait. Hold up. Pancakes e’ryday gurl. I ain’t playin’. Want to impress your homies with some interesting, delicious, nutritious, decadent and easy to make pancakes? Here is a great recipe I basically… View Full Post

A restaurant review! Just to prove that I do go outside and do not spend all of my time in my room eating chocolate and watching Friends. (ehem). So after I’d cast my very first vote (I’m… View Full Post