Lately I have got really into breakfast. When done right it is my favourite meal of the day by far, lunch and dinner can piss off. There are so many amazing breakfast recipes out there… View Full Post

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! This is another healthy recipe post from my quest to lose weight and not lose my mind eating only raw mushrooms etc. I adapted this recipe from a similar Deliciously Ella recipe but mine… View Full Post

Avocado now has a long standing slot on the superfood list, and rightly so in my opinion. Despite the fact that it has about a million calories per half, it’s still great for vegetarians, has… View Full Post

Yo. Today I am doing a post that is technically about food, but it’s not for eating, it’s for rubbing all up in your face. Sounds fun right?! The other week, my face skin was… View Full Post

I’m back, with recipes galore. Today we’ll be talking about smoothies. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like them. I would consider myself to be somewhat of a smoothie connoisseur, I know what makes a… View Full Post