When I think about veganism, I picture beautiful Buddha bowls, perfectly crushed avocado on toast and wholesome chia seed smoothies. The reality of it is me working my way through a packet of Bourbons and… View Full Post

Yo. Today I am doing a post that is technically about food, but it’s not for eating, it’s for rubbing all up in your face. Sounds fun right?! The other week, my face skin was… View Full Post

Unless you have just escaped from a bunker Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt style, you probably know that I suffer from lactose intolerance. Handily though, a while back Lactofree asked me to be one of their blogger ambassadors so… View Full Post

Do you love those places where they serve frozen yoghurt? They’re cropping up all over the place recently and they’re so fun. In case you live under a rock and you’ve never been in one,… View Full Post

Many of you may remember when I went to visit Bunny Little’s Bakery in Tufnell Park. When I was there, I was given a little pouch of Jing tea, which Katie (one of the owners)… View Full Post