Lately I have noticed that Bluebird Tea Co. is everywhere. I see it all over blogs, Instagram and even on banner ads. They must be riding on the back of my sensational fame. Or, y’know,… View Full Post

I saw somewhere today that there are only two more Sundays until Christmas. Shit. I’m always terrible at gift giving but this year has crept up on me quicker than ever. Having to buy Christmas… View Full Post

I feel so good today. In a kind of wooo weeee woooo weeee woooo weee way. Do you know what I mean? Like one of those mysterious days where you actually have energy to do… View Full Post

I still can’t get enough of chocolate cake. It’s becoming a real problem. I wake up thinking about chocolate and whatever incredibly complex dream I’ve just had. I go to bed at night wondering if… View Full Post

My mind has gone blank. What to say? Only that the other day I was craving chocolate and I really wanted some chocolate fudge cake more than anything else in the world but then I… View Full Post