It’s easy to listen when you know how. Draw a word out of someone without saying anything back. When the patriarchy has trained you to take and connect and to be warm until you’re exhaling… View Full Post

I love to exercise. I love the feeling it gives me. That rush of adrenaline and endorphins that just can’t be spoiled or topped, whatever the day. The thing is that I definitely don’t exercise… View Full Post

Ah Bristol, old friend. It had been a while since I had samples your delights and delicacies of the freelancer café variety in thou fair city. Now that I seem to be here for the… View Full Post

As you could probably work out, recipe books are my favourite books! (That and War and Peace or whatever. Blates read that.) They’re books about food – with pretty photography. All my favourite things! A… View Full Post

As a creative writing student, I’m pretty into words. As a food blogger, I’m pretty into cake. Therefore words ABOUT cake is pretty high up on my list of great things. I love baking books… View Full Post