Lately I have got really into breakfast. When done right it is my favourite meal of the day by far, lunch and dinner can piss off. There are so many amazing breakfast recipes out there… View Full Post

I’m still on a cupcake high after the pure joy of the banoffee cupcakes from the other day. Then I realised that this blog was supposed to be a blog about tea. “Lol,” I thought,… View Full Post

Right this second I’m watching a new programme I have discovered. Junior Bake Off! We love it. It’s basically Bake Off but just completely adorable with loads of silly baby bakes. Although they are probably… View Full Post

I still can’t get enough of chocolate cake. It’s becoming a real problem. I wake up thinking about chocolate and whatever incredibly complex dream I’ve just had. I go to bed at night wondering if… View Full Post

My mind has gone blank. What to say? Only that the other day I was craving chocolate and I really wanted some chocolate fudge cake more than anything else in the world but then I… View Full Post