Blogging is usually a strange combination of job and hobby. Jobby? When I started this blog it was really somewhere for me just to keep track of recipes, showcase my writing to basically no-one and… View Full Post

I love to exercise. I love the feeling it gives me. That rush of adrenaline and endorphins that just can’t be spoiled or topped, whatever the day. The thing is that I definitely don’t exercise… View Full Post

I went through this phase of watching grocery hauls on YouTube. My favourites were girls in American dorm rooms starting out on their veggie/vegan journey spending like 9 dollars on grapes bc they have no… View Full Post

I have never really lived the student life to the full. I’ve done some pretty studenty stuff and I’ve spent my last £10 on Just Eat more than once, but I’ve never really gone all… View Full Post

For a while now I have wanted to start a monthly feature on the blog but have either not got round to it or haven’t been able to decide what to do for it. I… View Full Post