It’s mainly boiling hot but if you care about tea BUT AT ALL you will persevere and drink it anyway as sweat drips from your brow, mixing with the remenants of yesterday’s foundation and night… View Full Post

Hey. So you all know that I like tea, right? I bet a lot of you also know that I have an entire kitchen cupboard full of tea. Well actually, I used to. When the… View Full Post

So continuing from my post about the fact that vegan food should be nice, I decided to put some to the test. About 6 weeks ago I had a bit of a mental breakdown and… View Full Post

So I know that one of my best loved posts so far has been the face mask that I made out of crap from the cupboard, so I thought I should do some more home… View Full Post

It’s really cold. I’m sat in my kitchen writing this, in an XL Topman hoodie, shivering my boobies off. The only thing that is keeping me from actually possibly dying of cold, is tea. The… View Full Post