Beat the January blues with Flyte drinks

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Do you ever find yourself walking up a steep hill in the blowing wind and rain, in pitch darkness at 5am and thinking Lord take me now?

Well same.

Do you ever spend so long making cup of coffee after cup of coffee that the next cup of coffee you see you’re going to hurl at a passing car and scream internally?

Yeah, me too.

January is obviously known as being the month where we’re all feeling super fun and have loads of energy (lol kill me) but it’s also the month where most of us usually try and get healthier in some shape or form whether it’s working out for like 4 days and then calling it quits or trying to cut down on the sugary coffees we used to keep ourselves warm in the winter.

While keeping up with the ambitious workout routine you have set for yourself might not always work (to be honest I didn’t even start one this year because I knew it would be destined to fail because I just don’t care enough. Being fat isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.) something I have found that is super easy to slip into my daily routine is just changing up a few of the things I’m putting into my body.

 Working in a coffee shop means it’s all too easy for me to allow 90% of my diet to be made up of soy chai tea latte, but in reality this generally makes me feel like shit and I’m not stupid – I know it’s not doing me any good.

So that’s where Flyte comes in. When they first got in touch and showed me their range of healthy energy drinks it all seemed too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s just a good brand concept that features a lot of common sense.

The ‘energy’ part of the drink still comes from coffee, believe it or not, but from organic green coffee that comes from 100% natural sources. As well as this awesome coffee hit, they’re also packed full of other good stuff to help you get through the day. For example, Citrus Lemon, my fave flavour, contains Maca for focus, Griffonia for alertness and Schizandra for vitality as well as only 9 calories per 100ml!

 As well as the great taste and health benefits, what I really love about Flyte is the fact that they’re not just carbon neutral, but carbon positive, meaning they actually do more good for the environment than bad, contributing to a happy planet. I love stuff like this as this is so much better than buying a coffee and chucking the plastic cup away afterwards.

I’ve been swapping out my usual coffee in the afternoon for Flyte, especially when I’m after a more fruity and refreshing kick that standard coffee doesn’t offer. I’ve genuinely found that I’m more alert, focused and ready to power through with the day.

Have you tried any products like this lately that have helped you on your health kick to beat the January blues? Let me know so I can try them out. x

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