I drank 3 litres of water a day for a week and this is what happened

Usually, I would say that I am pretty good at drinking enough water. If I had to guess I would say that I drink about 2 – 3 litres of water a day without even thinking about it. However, that’s the thing. I don’t think about it. Recently I had been getting mood swings and headaches and I think it was down to dehydration. Therefore I set myself a challenge for a week – to consciously drink 3 litres of water every day over the course of the week, track what I was drinking and try to choose water over sugary drinks with lots of calories. That might seem easy enough, but I work full time at Starbucks, so the temptation was all around me. I kept a diary as I went along every day to track my progress. This is what happened. 

Day one

Set myself the 3l challenge and downloaded a water tracker app. The app lets me add tea and coffee as well as other stuff but I didn’t want to drink a lot of calorific drinks so I’m trying to only drink tea, coffee and water. By 2:45 I was half way through the target amount but I should have started drinking water as soon as I woke up. So far feel fine but no noticeable improvements – I’d usually have drunk this much in a day by now anyway. Already constantly needing to pee. Waited until too late in the day to hit my target but at least I hit it. Just needed to get up to pee a lot. Felt good all day – didn’t even get headaches from staring at a screen for 5 hours. My next goal for tomorrow is to only drink water, tea and coffee as I did have a lemonade and hot chocolate which added unnecessary sugar and calories.

Day two

Woke up and drank the water by my bed. I also realised I didn’t eat as much as I usually do yesterday. Wasn’t really hungry when I got home but had dinner anyway bc I don’t like going to bed with an empty stomach and then it made me so sick that I had to take tablets so won’t be doing that again. Met my water goals so a pretty good day overall.

Day three

I did drink a lot but only just hit the target – it wasn’t so much a conscious effort of drinking and tracking as the fact that I was just awake for a long period of time so happened to drink enough over the course of those hours. I was definitely thirsty at times of the day which wasn’t great, I need to realise I need water before I’m thirsty and my body is desperate for it.

Day four

I was really tired so wasn’t counting as I was going along but definitely hit the target by 7 pm. I didn’t have to work hard to hit it because I was feeling a bit rough and dehydrated from the night before (didn’t drink alcohol but did stay up late) and again got up pretty early. I was definitely less tired than I should have been though and I think this was because I made sure I drank enough throughout the day. The thing I’m still struggling with is craving sugary drinks. Tomorrow I’m going to make a real effort to only drink water and tea and see if that helps my efforts at all.

Day five

I was just having a really bad day, did a really long shift at work and it was dragging so I tried to turn to hot chocolate and coffee to solve my problems but it didn’t help so I barely drank any of them. I drank 2 big cups of water at work on my shift and one beforehand and I had 2 big cups of tea during the day as well. Then when I got home I discovered that the water from my bathroom tap is SO much nicer and clearer and colder than the water from my kitchen tap so I was really pumped for that and drank another two big glasses at home which when I worked it out actually got me to my target for the day. I need to have a more positive outlook tomorrow and keep going with the water and not reach for the sugary drinks when I’m sad and tired.

Day six

I was having a really good and productive day after the hell that was yesterday, but I only drank about 600ml and then realised it was already 1 pm! No wonder I had a headache. Definitely need to catch up now. Feeling less hungry than usual so I can sense my body is craving water these days rather than food when I’m actually thirsty.

Day seven

Today is the last day. I’m not off to a good start but I did stop off and get some water in the morning when I realised I hadn’t had enough at home. Wasn’t an amazing day for water as I was out most of the day but after my meal tonight my first instinct was to reach for water rather than dessert. I feel like I can sense my body adjusting to new habits and patterns so I’m really excited to see if I can keep this up and I’m going to carry on doing this for as long as I can as I feel like it’s been really beneficial for me to not only make more of a conscious effort to drink more water but to drink less sugary drinks, keep track of my water intake and just be healthier in general. I think drinking more water means my body is more likely to push me towards healthier eating choices and my taste for sugary drinks is definitely less of a craving now than it was at the beginning of the week.


  1. englishwithkirsty 29th December 2017 / 2:12 pm

    I should do something like this. I think my problem is every time my body wants water, I give it coffee – and that’s not so healthy. With me, if the water’s on my desk, I’ll drink it. I guess it’s just about getting into the habit of putting it there! Thanks for this rminder 🙂

    • ooftbeebee 29th December 2017 / 2:14 pm

      Yeah exactly the same with me! I’m trying to at least give myself herbal tea rather than coffee and Diet Coke And seems to be helping a bit. It’s all about getting those habits in place!

  2. Tracey Louise Wright 6th January 2018 / 5:59 pm

    I commend your efforts. I need to get my slack arse in gear and follow your cue

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