My make up bag overhaul

The other week when I couldn’t sleep because I was waiting to see how much I had been taxed, I started watching Zoella videos. I know that seems a bit weird, seeing as she totally pretended to write her own book, but once I got into them I actually found the simplicity of it all really relaxing and comforting, like she was my much more attractive and put together friend giving me tips on how to organise my life and most importantly of course, my make up drawers.

There was one video I was watching where she was talking about the importance of checking expiry dates on make up, washing your brushes and not applying products directly to your face and then putting your face bacteria back into the tube. I took a look at my year old foundation, my even older concealer and my dusty make up brushes and decided that if I really wanted to take care of my skin I would need to get all new make up and to wash my brushes properly.

Usually I buy make up about once a year in April, when I get my final student loan of the year, which is fine apart from this year I had no student loan so I had just completely forgotten to update my make up. Luckily I had just sold a camera so I had a bit of extra money.

I had been having a bit of a shitty, stressful week and so starting fresh with something like this was so therapeutic and cleansing, also I fucking love buying things. I went into Boots in my home town while I was visiting friends and I had a list of everything I had thrown away and needed to replace. I had watched a Zoella video about which are the best high street brands so I could save a bit of money, but when it actually came to it I didn’t know which shade to get of anything and there were angry looking teens in crop tops who looked a bit like strippers cluttering up the aisles and glaring at me so I went back to the make up counters to the friendly old ladies who wanted commission.

I know I’m not really a beauty blogger but I thought I would share what I got with you in case you wanted to do a similar thing but like me, didn’t really know where to start. Also I spent a lot of money so someone had better look at my god damn purchases.

Real Techniques beauty blender sponge

I saw this in one of the Zoella videos and I thought it would be great to get because I always have streaky brush marks on my face because I don’t pay that much attention. I’m pretty sure this was avoided today but it was quite dark when I did my make up so who knows really. I liked using it better than a brush though, I felt like the make up spread a bit more with the sponge.

Estée Lauder Doublewear

I used to have a Benefit foundation but I have wanted Doublewear ever since I bought the concealer version a couple of years ago. I wanted to be “Shell” but the lady said I was “Cool Bone” which was a shame because I am neither cool nor a bone. Then she smiled and took all my money. Oh yeah, it’s good. I would recommend it.

Estée Lauder Doublewear concealer

This is the only concealer I will ever use, it’s been my trusty go-to ever since I started uni and I love it so much. It was so nice to have a new tube after all this time.

Estée Lauder promo bag

It was free gift time so I got a free bag with loads of shit in. The repair serum gave me a bit of an allergic reaction (a lot of things do so it’s my problem, not theirs) but the primer was amazing and my make up stayed put all day. A solid 9/10 free gift.

Benefit High Beam highlighter

For the last year I have had the Watts Up! highlighter but after a while the sponge started to smell, and whenever I used it I felt a bit sick because I actually bought it on a ferry and it always reminds me of barfing. The High Beam one is much classier. I look a bit like a red Christmas bauble when I sweat now rather than a sad ham.

Benefit They’re Real! eyeliner

I’ve always hated this eyeliner and somehow the woman on the counter convinced me I loved it and then I got home and I did love it? Weird? Maybe my eyes have changed? It’s super easy to use though and it actually makes a nice clean line on my scarred up, flabby eyelids.

A Frappuccino and a bagel

I was hungry after.

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  1. lucysomerset 25th May 2017 / 8:45 pm

    this made me actually lol and I had to explain to DH that I was reading a blog and not really listening to this gardening programme he’s watching….

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