So what is going on with this blog?

Hey guys.

It may or may not have escaped your attention that I haven’t posted anything in about three weeks. This is mainly because I have just started a new job so most of my life has sort of been taken up by that as I’m really learning as I go with it as it’s something I’ve never done before. I’ve also just been sort of deciding if there is anything else I want to do before I start my MA in September and trying to figure out what I might do after that, which obviously is impossible because when ordering a drink I usually change my mind before getting to the front of the line, let alone sticking with the same life plan for more than about three months.

Anyway, figuring out what I want to do has involved thinking a lot about this blog and deciding what I am going to do with it. In between jobs and when I have been working freelance I have always taken this blog very seriously, scheduling relevant posts and Buffer updates and yada yada yada to try and squeeze a bit of extra income out of it.

Last week I finished up with my last social media client ever and I am no longer a regular freelancer, only doing adhoc pieces there and then if I think they are going to benefit me creatively. While this may seem like a step backwards in some kind of career I may have been on the road to having, it really isn’t, because the first thing you need to do when you are deciding what you want to do with your life is deciding what you definitely DON’T want to do, and for me that is all things marketing.

I’ve actually worked in the social media marketing business for about 6 years now, despite only being 21, so I’ve had more than enough time to give it a fair shot and I’ve decided that it definitely isn’t for me. I’m really not interested in making money out of it at all. I don’t enjoy it and it’s not what I want to do.

Alongside this revelation comes the decision to cut the metaphorical umbilical cord on trying to promote myself on social media as a **brand** aka promoting this blog and trying to make money from it.

I don’t want to be a professional blogger. I love writing and I love blogging but trying to fit in with the crowd just to get views or whatever doesn’t really do it for me. It’s an over saturated market and I feel like creating a false persona and living it out online isn’t really going to give me much personal satisfaction or job satisfaction and job satisfaction is SO important to me. If they were to make a hierarchy of needs based on my personal needs, it would just be like job satisfaction and then another smaller part of pyramid that says cheese toasties.

This blog is really important to me because it is a little piece of me and I’m actually really proud of it when it’s not being a clickbaity, sell out, Canva studded yippidy yappidy sponsored post Lightroom edited nonsense show. From now on I won’t be scheduling and planning many posts but I’ll probably end up writing on here more because of that. Obviously I’ll still promote on Twitter so someone reads this shit but other than that, I’m writing for me and you can come and go as you please.

I’ll still be doing recipes and tea reviews but I’ll also probably be writing more topical pieces, general rants and maybe some creative writing stuff now and again. I hope that you still keep reading even if I’m not as glamorous as the other bloggers all taking pictures of the same face serum next to a pot plant that they bought specifically to take a picture of. I hope you just enjoy it for what it is.

Ttyl. xxx


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