11 vegan food products I can’t live without

When I think about veganism, I picture beautiful Buddha bowls, perfectly crushed avocado on toast and wholesome chia seed smoothies. The reality of it is me working my way through a packet of Bourbons and like 4 cups of tea while I chain watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

While I do care about what I eat and I do love to cook with fresh ingredients, more often than not I like being able to reach for a cupboard staple, something quick to snack on or some comfort food that includes me getting it out of a packet and then sitting down. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or have food allergies, this is often easier said than done as chocolate, ice cream or cheese on toast seem fairly out of reach (god I would literally kill for some cheese on toast right now. With a bit of pesto. And Marmite. Help me.)

I’m always on the hunt for new veggie and vegan friendly products that I can just nip into Waitrose and get, and I’m guessing you do to, so I thought I would share with you some new finds and old favourites that I totally love. Let me know if you love any of these too or if you have any great products to share!

Mini Moos vegan chocolate

I’m pretty sure I did mention this one on my vegan chocolates blog post way back when, but that is because it is my favourite chocolate by far! I actually prefer it to expensive dark chocolate or just regular chocolate which I find a bit rich usually. And I can eat the whole bar and not throw up which is always what you look for in a food item.

Nakd bars

I will always remember the time I sat and ate four Nakd bars in my bed in the middle of the night once. Nakd bars are ride or die.

Quorn fishless fingers

Okay so I had these for the first time last night with chips (pure dirt) and they are incredible! I was a bit sceptical when I cracked open the box because they smelled a bit Quorn-y, but I actually couldn’t tell the difference. This might also be because it’s been years since I ate a fish finger but hey ho.

Strawberry cheesecake Oreos

One thing to say is that these aren’t strictly vegan as they aren’t guaranteed to not contain traces of milk due to the manufacturing process, but they have all vegan ingredients so that’s up to you really. What I like about them is that they taste like gross kiddy cereal. Classic Oreo goodness.

Sacla gluten free pesto

I don’t know why they market this as only gluten free when it is also vegan?! And PESTO IS THE BESTO. I could genuinely eat cheesy pesto pasta with baby plum tomatoes every day of my entire life.

Linda McCartney vegetarian scampi bites

I love anything that isn’t fish but tastes like fish and these are so on the money. So, so good. Another brilliant crap from the freezer meal can be made out of these, just like fishless fingers.

Spaghetti hoops

Any brand will do. Any time, anywhere, any reason. You never regretti the spaghetti.

Tesco toffee and vanilla cones

I have no idea how they do it unless they’re magic, but these taste EXACTLY like Cornettos. Maybe even better. They even have the chocolatey chunk bit in the bottom of the cone. Maybe I should change the phrase to “you never regretto a fake Cornetto?”

Alpro soya light

Probably the only milk I will ever buy now. I know that almond is supposed to be better for you but I just really don’t like it in tea, which is mainly what I use milk for. I’ve just always found it quite bitter and tastless. Soya light is the one.


I could eat Vegemite with everything. Pasta, toast, crumpets, you name it, I’ll eat Vegemite with it. And I don’t care if it makes me not British, but it’s way better than Marmite and it always will be.

Alpro soya big pot

For literal years, since they brought them out, I’ve been getting the vanilla big pot. It sort of tastes like ice cream and I love it. Then the other day I got a cherry one and a blueberry one?! I don’t know if they’re new or if I’ve just been blind before but they are amazing, the type of yoghurt that has real fruit bits in aka my favourite. This counts as speed food, right? Right?!

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