Bluebird Tea Co. Easter collection

Lately I have noticed that Bluebird Tea Co. is everywhere. I see it all over blogs, Instagram and even on banner ads. They must be riding on the back of my sensational fame. Or, y’know, the other way around.

Anyway so Bluebird Tea Co. make some really nice teas if you haven’t tried them already, and if you haven’t then now is the perfect time to go and try some because they have just this week launched this years Easter collection!

The collection included Carrot Cake, Easter Egg Nests and Hot Cross Bun. I have tried them all and they are all pretty dope. My favourite is definitely the Easter Egg Nests one. As soon as I opened the box I could smell it, and then I got a little bit over excited and had difficulty opening the packaging and then after a while when I had tracked down some scissors I got to smell actually inside the bag and I might have been slightly swayed in judgement because of PMS but OMG the chocolatey smell was just so rich and heavenly, the ONLY thing it reminded me of was mini eggs, (all hail mini eggs) and now I’m just thinking about it and remembering and I want a cup right now so like if there’s one thing you do for yourself this Easter just go and get this tea because I actually have no more words to describe it.


As well as these fab new limited edition flavours, you can also get these adorbs little gift sets that are perfect to give as an Easter treat to someone who is losing weight, or doesn’t like chocolate, or is lactose intolerant. (Not all Bluebird Tea Co. teas are vegan, but I have heard on the tea vine that they are looking to do or have done some vegan versions of some non-vegan teas so just check out the packaging if you’re looking to buy one.) Even if you know someone who is a big chocolate fan, they need something to drink while they eat all that chocolate and the packagings are soooo cute.

My favourite is the Egg Box which comes with 4 different teas, 1 bag each, in these little bauble pod things in each of the egg holes. It’s so cute because it has a bow around it which you can undo ceremoniously and then afterwards you can use the baubles and the egg box for arts and crafts! A multi use gift!

 I also love the Bunny’s Tea Carrot, because not only does it clearly state that it is tea for bunnies (of which I am obviously one) but the little bag looks just like a carrot and comes packed full of a choice of teas. You might as well just get a few of these in for Easter to keep in your bag in case someone unexpectedly hands you an egg and you need a thoughtful gift ASAP. Then if you don’t need to give them away you can keep them to drink all to yourself! It’s a win win.

So if you love all things Easter, pop into one of the stores or order online to saturate yourself in Eastery tea. x

P.s. When I went into store the other day I tried the White Choc Mint that they had on sample, it’s in-cred-i-ble. I really wanted to get some but I didn’t have time. Wink wink, Bluebird, hint hint. Hit ya girl up.

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