33 things I buy in every grocery shop

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I went through this phase of watching grocery hauls on YouTube. My favourites were girls in American dorm rooms starting out on their veggie/vegan journey spending like 9 dollars on grapes bc they have no fucks to give. I guess I’m just really nosey because I love seeing what’s in other people’s fridges and what they buy to eat. There are so many products and items out there, how are we supposed to know which ones to get?

One of the main reasons why I love Pinterest and going to Group is to get the goss on the latest products. I also like posting about stuff I like because I am a self indulgent piece of shit. But then aren’t we all really? I like writing down in my journal new food products and running off to Sainsburys to try them.

When I’ve got a few good clients going on and I’m feeling a bit flush I indulge in a Tesco online shop. I like to do them in the evening when I am feeling frivolous and by the time it arrives the next day (there’s always slots open where I live) I’ve forgotten what I’ve bought and I haven’t checked my bank account so it’s like a bunch of free surprise stuff.

I decided to compile this list, based on my “favourites” on my Tesco account, so I can share with you what I buy in a typical week and hopefully you can get some ideas or inspiration. Just so you know, I’m mainly talking about breakfast and lunch food because I’m either not cooking the evening meal or I don’t plan that far in advance. But it should give you some good ideas anyway.

  1. Fairtrade bananas – bananas are a vegan staple. I eat at least one a day. I always try to buy fairtrade because the price difference is trivial and it’s a good thing to get into the habit of doing.
  2. Pink Lady apples – they are expensive but worth it in my opinion because they taste like champagne. Crispy.
  3. Conference pears – pears are the most underrated fruit EVER. All hail pears.
  4. Watermelon fingers – to dip in myTubby Custard.
  5. Cauliflower – so cheap and I fucking love cauliflower cheese.
  6. Avocado – healthy fat, delicious, calorie laden, romantic.
  7. Cucumber – “Have a little bit of chopped up cucumber on the side.” – My mum.
  8. Mixed baby tomatoes – beautiful colours. I like to make Jamie Oliver proud in my head. (Jamie hit me up because I make your cottage cheese salad all the time.)
  9. Eggs – chicken period. Delish. I hate myself.
  10. Quark – grim but Free.
  11. Alpro vanilla yoghurt – delicious proteiny yoghurt of the gods! A blessing on Earth!
  12. Soya light – the best milk in the world.
  13. Quorn deli meat – all the types. Frivolously expensive but I can’t live without packet ham substitute.
  14. Mug Shot – disgusting and beautiful. Like me.
  15. Sweetcorn – if you haven’t ever eaten cold sweetcorn fresh out of a tin you are a weirdo.
  16. Spaghetti hoops – a toddler food that deserves a rightful place in day to day adult cuisine.
  17. Alpen Light bars – the only HexB you will ever need.
  18. Microwave rice – stodgy and delicious. I have never and will never cook rice on a stove.
  19. Frozen peach melba mix – the BEST overnight oats topping. The BEST smoothie mix. THE BEST FROZEN FRUIT.
  20. Quorn southern fried chicken – the ultimate in heavenly “crap from the freezer” meal item.
  21. Quorn hot dogs – I’m basic af and I love hot dogs forever.
  22. Options individual hot chocolate sachets – Money DOES grow on trees. I can’t be bothered to use a teaspoon.
  23. Wholewheat pasta – as I live and breathe
  24. Sweet potato – prick a sweet potato all over with a fork and put it in a microwave on high for 10 min. You’re welcome.
  25. Baked beans – this is where my spend balances out. My mum would remind you they are a great and healthy source of vegan protein. Right you are mother.
  26. Nakd bars – The pecan pie ones are like 8 syns but they are the best. Come at me squished up dates and nuts.
  27. Ready-to-eat puy lentils – I went through a phase of eating these as a snack with salad cream. A dark time.
  28. Gnocchi – literally magical potato that cooks in like 2 mins. #DidDumbledoreInventGnocchi
  29. Chickpeas – they are hummus. They are burgers. They are a mo-foing curry. They are LIFE.
  30. Lighter than light mayo – I am fat.
  31. Whole Earth peanut butter – the source of my minimal self respect.
  32. Tofu pesto – one small step for pesto, one giant leap for mankind.
  33. Reese’s peanut butter cups – weird sort of self loathing based ingestion of rancid Hershey’s chocolate. Better than doing it.

Please hit me up with things you get in your weekly shop! Comment on this post or tweet me @teachezbee. I will try anything you tell me to and report back. (Apart from eels.)

Pinny pin pin.

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  1. Lydia Bonser 25th September 2018 / 1:45 pm

    This actually sounds like the dream food shop?

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