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Some obvious knowledge about me:


  1. I love tea.
  2. I love monthly subscriptions to shit.

I really do! I love not noticing I’m paying for something really AND I love getting lovely parcels through my door randomly. Especially if it is tea.

True Tea Club isn’t a tea giant by any means but damn they are f-r-esh. One of the best things about them is that they really care about tea, and they’re passionate about getting their tea out to the masses. For a fairly new tea company they seem to really know what they are doing and have their tea game on point. They have loads of different subscription types depending on how much tea you wanna drink, at varying price points, which I like because you can easily choose one that suits you. For me personally, I don’t actually drink that much tea even though I love it, maybe one or two cups a day, so I would go for one of the smaller ones, considering how much tea I usually have in the cupboard already.

I was sent some samples of True Tea Club’s stuff to try. Yay! The tea’s I got sent were a great mixture, and one of the good things about the Club is that if you don’t like a tea, you can choose not to have it in any future boxes, so all boxes are tailored to you. As usual with tea, the proof is in the pudding. This is how I got on with them…

Rainbow Chaser 

“A magical concoction of apple pieces, blackberry leaves, peppermint and orange peel.” I was dubious about this from the start because the ingredients were a bit random and I thought it might end up tasting a bit like one of those generic fruit flavour teas you get at hotel breakfast buffets. I was wrong though! You need to get this tea just so you can see for yourself that it tastes EXACTLY like skittles, which was amazing! I’m not a big lover of sweets but if you are, this is definitely one to try.

Another quick thing I want to mention while I remember it is that you should follow the brewing instructions on each tea TO THE LETTER because the brewing times are on absolute fleek. Like I said before, they really know what they are doing.

Vanilla Cupcake

Another intriguing tea with a lot of hype around the name and yet so much to go wrong, so I was dubious again. However, as soon as I busted open that little packet the smell of cupcakes hit me hard. Yum a yum yum. You can really taste some quality vanilla in this tea which I really love and the banana in it hits the back of your throat as a sweet and fruity end note. I would definitely drink this tea now and again as a novelty but can’t say I would have it in the cupboard as a regular.

Earl Grey Rebel

Earl grey is one of my specialities so this is the one I was looking forward to the most. I like my earl grey’s really orangey and this one was so sweet and citrusy that it gave me a happy feeling in my tummy. I would say that this particular Earl Grey is in my top 3 all time favourites and I would 100% get it again as a tea cupboard staple.

Mighty Mango

Green tea for me is sort of like the opposite of earl grey in that I usually avoid it where possible. This is partly because I’m unwaveringly shite at brewing it and it always turns out grim. Now this one is where the brewing time is especially important. I plopped the bag in hot water for 15 seconds. I honestly thought nothing would happen. The result was the most delicate, beautiful green tea and the mango was really there. It tasted super expensive and classy (like me, obvs) and it’s actually totally turned me on to green tea again! So thanks True Tea Club, you’ve opened up a world of possibilities for me.

If you want to get your own subscription going or just have a little browse of all the lovely teas on offer, visit True Tea Club.


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