New life changing Bluebird Tea Co. finds!

As you know, I absolutely love the amazing tea mixologists over at Bluebird Tea Co. and I have written a couple of posts about them before here and here.

Recently though I took my very first step into one of their real life stores, the one in Bristol on Park Street to be exact. I’ve wanted to go there since they opened recently because I’ve always been sent the latest collections by them but I’ve never had a real browse around myself. I went in there when I had a day off a couple of weeks ago and it was lovely because we were the only ones in there plus one very helpful member of staff. I didn’t realise but in the shop they also have a sort of cafe section where you could order drinks to take away or drink in, as well as little tasters and demos so you can get a good feel for exactly what tea you want to get.

I ordered an Earl Grey latte and it was incredible. The flavours of the tea weren’t weak at all like some tea lattes and the almond milk complemented these flavours perfectly. I would definitely recommend going there for a hot or cold drink rather than one of the chain cafes in the area.

As well as my yummy latte, I bought myself a little haul of teas that I liked the look and sound of. I have to say with no exaggeration that the teas I chose have actually changed my life completely. They all have totally different properties that have made me feel better in myself for different reasons. I wanted to share them with you because if you’re stopping by or even browsing online, you need to grab these for yourself! I’ve subbed out my morning cup of tea for one of these each day, and as well as the great taste I’ve really noticed the difference.

Honey Bee Beautiful

This was the first tea I picked up, mainly because it had my name in the name, but also because I love anything honey flavoured or with honey in, especially tea. Bluebird describes this tea as an “excellent exfoliating skin elixir rooibos tea with delicious notes of honey” and ingredients include Rooibos, Honeybush, Chamomile, Nettle leaves, Cornflowers and Calendula petals. This tea is basically designed to make your skin glow, and drinking one cup a day for the last couple of weeks has definitely done this for me. I feel like my skin in general just looks healthier and less patchy, and I can see the glow it gives me through my make-up most days. Because it’s caffeine free, this is a great one if you don’t want to start your day off with a caffeine hit. It’s nice and sweet though with it’s honey kissed flavour and I usually add stevia drops for extra sweetness to wake me up.

Skinny Minny

This one immediately stood out to me because I’m a sucker for anything that claims to have magical weight loss properties. Bluebird say this tea is “an energising, metabolism boosting, stomach calming, digestive ‘skinny tea’ to support your health goals” and while I can’t really notice it suppressing my appetite or contributing to my weight loss, the amazing thing about this one is that I have really noticed that it has calmed my tummy and made it easier for me to digest things, even gluten and dairy which I usually find really affect me, especially as I’m lactose intolerant. I’ve found that drinking this tea has lessened the effects if I do have a cheese toastie or a chocolate bar every now and again. Obviously I’m not a doctor, and different things work for everyone, but if you’re in the same boat as me it’s worth giving it a go just to see if it works for you. I feel like I’ll be drinking this tea for a long time to come.

Rooibos Matcha

When I saw this one I couldn’t not get it! I’m not particularly great with caffeine. I’m okay with a diet coke or a cup of tea, but I don’t drink coffee or any energy drinks because it really increases my anxiety and makes me really restless. For some reason I have always found that green teas affect me like this too, even though their caffeine content isn’t usually high. For that reason I have always been wary of matcha and therefore felt like I was really missing out. Then Bluebird bought out CAFFEINE FREE rooibos matcha! A genius invention! It’s got 10x the benefits of a regular Rooibos tea and can be added to other things to give them a little boost. A smoothie made up with fruit and veg with a hit of this, or bananas, protein powder, plant milk and cacao with a tsp of rooibos matcha is everything you need to get the day off to a good start.

If you have any Bluebird Tea Co. faves or if you’ve tried any of these ones I’ve mentioned here, give me some recommendations and let me know how you get on. x

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  1. All That I'm Eating 17th February 2017 / 2:22 pm

    I really like the sound of the Honey Bee tea! Just what I could do with in the afternoon.

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