My favourite cafés to work in: the Bristol edition

Ah Bristol, old friend. It had been a while since I had samples your delights and delicacies of the freelancer café variety in thou fair city.

Now that I seem to be here for the long haul, I’ve found some great cafés that I love working in. They’re basically all right in the central/Broadmead area because I did my Gloucester Road days as a youthful teen and now I need somewhere to work that is close to my other job. I have just finished it as I type. I might write a post about it actually? Anyway. My fingers and brain aren’t really functioning together so I’m just trying to get this out.

Starbucks, Broadmead

My new years resolution was to not go in Starbucks anymore, when really it should have been don’t go in Starbucks literally every day and don’t get a cinnamon swirl literally every time. I have been in there ONCE since the start of the year and that was only because I was at a train station and nothing else was open. I really like the Starbucks in Broadmead though. It’s right in the centre of Broadmead, close to the bus stop and the staff in there are all really nice. If you like chains I would go for this one. It’s got a really nice atmosphere on the top floor in the evenings and it holds a little bit of nostalgia for me because it was there on Valentine’s day 5 years ago that I said to my friend that I didn’t think I would meet anyone I liked ever again, and then we got the bus to the party where I met my first ever girlfriend. Awkward, teenage times.

Caffé Nero, Quakers Friars

This is my favourite “I’m early for work so I’ll go and get some breakfast” cafe. Strictly speaking I have never done work in here, but I’m sure it would be good to work in. It’s nice being able to take your time with a cup of tea and a bowl of porridge while you watch the suits dash in and out for their morning macchiato. It’s also really near to handy things like the gym, and the soft pretzel stand. Would recommend if you want a couple of hours of peace in the morning to get creative or get some emails answered.

Tin Can, Clare Street

Yo this is legit my fave place in the WORLD. I walked into Tin Can one day when I was hoping to do some work before work, and it turned out they had opened about an hour before I stepped inside. Because of this the customer service was impeccable and I got a hot chocolate on the house! They have loads of great vegan options and the hot choc is amazing because they are all lined up on the wall in percentages e.g. the one I had was 70% dark chocolate, in the form of solid chocolate buttons! You can watch the barista grind them up and melt them with hot soya milk. They also do an amazeballs raw caramel slice that I’m going to try and recreate on here. 100000/100000 would recommend.

Waterstones, Union Street

Books, tea, books, cake, books, apple juice, books books books, cheeky scone. That’s the general vibe. Very cheap tea and the beautiful atmosphere of being literally surrounded by books, the smell of them, people buying them, the look of them being stacked on the shelves. It’s such a bliss spot. I like to usually sit in the sports section to broaden my reading horizons while I write. Sitting in the poetry section is just added pressure that I don’t need.


Please let me know if you’ve visited any of these places yourself, what you thought of them and if you have any recommendations for me to try! x

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  1. Jess G 10th January 2017 / 11:30 am

    Foyles is somewhere I like to go, for similar reasons to Waterstones. It’s got a nice atmosphere and they do Extract coffee, which is always a win. Also, Playground Coffee isn’t too far from Broadmead. Quite a cute little place and they have a swing you can sit in in the window!

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