The good parts of 2016

Everyone knows that shit things happened in 2016, but often dwelling on this can take away from the good things that have happened and people tend to focus on the heartache and the hurt and the bad things that have made them a stronger person. It’s easy to forget that good things can make you a stronger person too and can have a bigger impact on you than you realise, which you often sort of take for granted. Therefore I wanted to do a quick run through of the good things that happened in 2016 so I can look back on them if I’m ever in any doubt and hopefully it will prompt you to get thinking about some of the good things that happened to you too. Lets go.

I got a first class degree

I would say this should be the biggest achievement of not only the year, but my life. I did write previously about not really feeling like this was a big deal to me but the longer I have time to get used to the idea, it actually is pretty important and definitely worth a mention.

I spent most of the first part of the year living with amazing people

My uni third year flatmates were so much fun, great people and I loved living with them for a year. This can’t go unmentioned because they have been such a big part of my life and there is now a hole in my heart without them that I don’t think will ever be completely filled. They were the first people I lived with as an adult outside of halls and they are super awesome.

I got to feel so many things and experience so many emotions

This might seem like a weird one but one of the first things that came into my head was that I have felt so many emotions this year which I feel have enriched my general life experience and made me a better writer and a better person. I have loved fiercely, grieved from the bottom of my heart, experienced elation and depression, felt my heart physically ache for people and situations and memories. These things make a person feel alive in my opinion.

I made some tough decisions and saw them through

I can’t say I wouldn’t have done anything differently but I have had to make some tough decisions and put myself first on occasion as well as following my heart. While these may have been tough decisions, I ultimately would like to be the kind of person who is brave and follows their gut and instinct and I think I have achieved this this year in my personal life.

I got a new job that I don’t hate

This year I have learnt just how important working and education is when I experienced my life without it. To be able to fill your time with learning new skills, trying your best and putting effort into your work and education is so important and valuable. I have learned more this year by teaching myself than I did when I wasn’t really paying attention to my degree course and it’s really paid off for me.

I’ve improved my blog

I wish I had screenshots of this blog at the beginning of 2016 because it has changed so much and I’m so much happier with the way it looks, the quality of my content and the way that I’m using it. It’s as much for me as it is for anyone who reads it and that’s the way I’ve always wanted it to be.

I got two guinea pigs

My fluffy little baes.

I’ll be finally getting to meet someone else new and special too this month

Watch this space… (for baby flat lays.)

When all these points are written down it’s easy to see that I have achieved something in 2016, even if I’ve got bad points stacked up against me too. Have a go at writing out some points yourself and I bet you’ll have way more good things than you think!


  1. lucysomerset 1st January 2017 / 8:32 pm

    Happy New Year!! I didn’t know you had peegs! Peeggy blog post soon… for me?! Xxx

    • ooftbeebee 1st January 2017 / 8:41 pm

      I got them two days ago so still very new! Will defo do a post about them when they’ve settled in though. Xx

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