Some things that I bought today


Today I was feeling a bit like, as an intellectual would say, “a poo in the loo.” I didn’t go to bed until about 4am (not because I was at McDonalds. Actually, it was.) and I thought I was coming down with something by the time I got on the bus with a chai tea latte and a cinnamon swirl (naughty.) I was feeling so crappy that I was concentrating on not chundering on the bus and missed the stop, ending up at the shopping centre down the road. I decided that seeing as I was there anyway I should have a look around and get some things to cheer myself up. I only ended up going in Boots, but I got some really nice things that I wanted to share in case you wanted to cheer yourself up too.

7th Heaven dead sea mud pac


Sometimes you just need a £1 face mask to give you a new outlook on life. Today my face was feeling particularly shitty because I had been out the night before and not bothered to take my makeup off when I got in. I know, I’m so gross. Don’t judge me. I often use the Biore pore strips on my nose but I felt like I needed a full face mask because as I get older my face just gets greasier. The dead sea mud pac is perfect for combination skin so it will leave you freshed faced without drying you up.

Maybelline Baby Lips festive spice in Chai Tea Latte


I got this one for work really because it’s nice to look sort of put together even if you’re only wearing a bit of base makeup and lipbalm. I love Baby Lips because they’re tinted but so moisturising. I really like having dark lipstick on but my lips are so dry in winter and it’s not plausible to maintain a perfect lip during a four hour shift. I’m going to keep this one in my pocket 24/7 because I LOVE chai tea latte as I’ve mentioned and the colour is my fave. P.s. if you want to make your own chai tea latte I have a recipe here.


Dove Go Fresh maximum protection in Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena


This is sort of a weird thing to buy for fun but the other day when I was at my mum’s house I used her deoderant (sorry Mummy) and it was the same smell as this one and for some reason I was instantly in love with it. I’m really into smells as a concept and just a simple smell can make me really happy, so I had to get this one for myself. They didn’t have the usual Dove stick ones so I got this one in maximum protection which I sort of prefer because it’s a bit stronger so I don’t have to worry about showering ever again. Wait, what?

Barry M coconut infusion nail paint in Boardwalk


I don’t have many nail colours because I usually get shellac manis on repeat so I usually just use them to paint my toes. I do this weird thing with nail colour where I pick colours that I don’t like. Is that normal? I just love wearing colours on my nails that I wouldn’t choose normally. Is this a weird psychological thing. Anyway, I chose this one in Boardwalk because I thought it wouldn’t look very nice but I know that it definitely will. I’m definitely strange. Anyway. I love Barry M nail paint so I’m excited to try this collection infused with coconut oil to nourish nails.


Barry M shape and define brow kit in Medium to Dark 


Recently I finished off my tube of Benefit wow brow stuff and I hadn’t got round to getting anything new for my brows (shock horror) until I saw this cute little kit. I thought it was really good value at £6.99 for the whole set, and I love that it includes tweezers because I never have them when I need them and I can just keep them in the pallette. As a full time glasses wearer brows always fall by the wayside for me but I really want to start doing them properly again because I do think it’s the little things that you do for yourself that make you feel cheerful and confident.


I only spent £20 but I took a lot of happiness from it and I think this has come from paying more attention to what I buy and being more minimalistic. You definitely don’t need to spend loads of money to change your outlook on life slightly when you’re having a shit day.




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