London Cocktail Week! With Sipsmith Gin


You’re all like, “what are you talking about? Cocktail Week was ages ago?”

I know it was but life has been well busy lately (lol jk I’m just lazy) and tbh it took me a while to remember all of exactly what happened. Great story though. Ehem.

So I was invited by Bloom & Wild, the super cool flower people, to come to the Sipsmith Gin shop at London Cocktail Week in Spitalfields to taste some gin (result) and especially the brand new Bloom & Wild gin that Sipsmith and Bloom & Wild themselves have created together for the perfect gin/cool flowers combo.


Sipsmith are one of the first gin companies to actually start creating London Dry gin in actual London for a really long time. While London Dry might have pictures of double decker buses on it and stuff, the name only refers to the process by which it is made rather than the actual location, so barely any well know gin brands, except from Beefeater, are actually producing true London gin these days. Pretty cool gin fact, right?


 Not only are Sipsmith a very cool company in themselves, (they host tours of their factory basically every night that are always fully booked, but defo on my bucket list to do sometime!) but their gin tastes fabby fab too. The whole ethos behind Sipsmith is in the name – this gin is supposed to be so good that you’re able to just sip it on it’s own, without mixer or ice and just really enjoy the taste, not just like drink it neat for a dare or something. I was apprehensive when they handed me some half-shots to try straight up because I’m really lame at neat alcohol but they were totally right, I felt very grown up and sophisticated sipping my lovely Sipsmith gin without looking like a baby who just tried to eat a lemon.


 The Bloom & Wild gin in particular was one of my faves! It has such a floral tone to it that isn’t overwhelming, just really crisp, clear and delicate. It goes so well with classic tonic and is really refreshing compared to a lot of cocktails which usually are way too alcoholic and totally blow me out of the water.


 This point was proved when I went to have a look round the other stalls to take in all the boozy goodness. Usually I’m a bit cautious about drinking too much and like to call it a night (or in this case, a day) early, but seeing as it was London Cocktail Week I threw caution to the wind and let’s just say I might have drunk a tiny bit too much. A tiny bit. Enough to vomit onto the platform at Clapham South tube station. And still make it home in time for the Apprentice. Anyway.


If you’re starting to think about Christmas and you know someone who lovvvessss gin I would totally recommend buying someone special a gift box subscription to Sipsmith, where they feature small bottles of new and much-loved gin faves in a beautiful box. Even if you’re having the worst day in the WORLD, coming home to that package is totally going to make your life. (Please someone buy one for me. Wait what.)


Also if you met me on this particular day I am sorry and it was nice to meet you. Also apologies to the unknown man that I made swap glasses with me and take selfies.



  1. lucysomerset 20th October 2016 / 6:48 pm

    OMG I am adding that to my wish list! 🙂

    • ooftbeebee 20th October 2016 / 8:09 pm

      Along with Buble perfume obvs!

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