Bluebird Tea Co. autumn collection


So a while ago I experienced a range of very lovely teas from the Bluebird Tea Co. summer collection. They soon became one of my favourite tea brands with their range of unique and awesome tea flavours. Then the seasons changed, and I finally stopped hating life due to the fact it fell under 25 degrees. With the arrival of another crisp autumn came a little parcel from Bluebird with some of their great new faves from the autumn collection!

I was even more excited about this one because I love autumny flavours. I’m a sucker for a good ol’ PSL and warming my hands on basically any hot beverage I can get said hands on. Autumn is the best! Wooo!

Here are my thoughts on this season’s collection (heh I sound like a fashion blogger. I never will be.) and which are my personal faves that I would recommend to a friend (you.)

My top faves:

Rooibos Earl Grey 


I’ve totally got into Earl Grey in a big way since I made my London Fog latte and I’ve always loved any tea that has a rooibos base. My favourite ever teas are always decaf ones and this is a great switch up from standard decaf Earl Grey, it has so many flavours that combine perfectly together. Definitely one I’m going to be drinking daily from now on.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie 


It’s back! The most autumny tea of them all. It basically tastes like a PSL but just less sickly and without the calories! My favourite thing about it is that the bag actually has little pumpkins in it! I’ve never really thought of being cute before but this one definitely is. I would recommend it if you’re a PSL junkie but want to cut back on calories and sugar. Magnificent.

Some other yummers blends:

Bananas & Custard


I sniffed the bag quite a lot when I opened this one. I’m not usually a fan of green tea bases because they make me feel a bit funny but you can’t really taste it in this tea and it wasn’t too strong either. It’s not a flavour I would have thought would turn out great in tea but with some soya milk and a pinch of sugar it tastes totally amazing.

Choco Pops 


You all know that I’m a sucker for a good chocolate tea and this is definitely a blend I would buy again, even though it also has a green tea base. It really does turn the milk chocolatey. This is another good one if you love an autumn hot chocolate but want to cut back on the cals.


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