Lazy London Fog latte


Hi, just sort of made this up while I was having a bit of a cry.


Thought I should probably make some kind of soothing drink and I had seen on Pinterest a few times this thing called “London Fog” which is basically an earl grey latte, so I thought I would try and make my own based on what I had at home.

It is really nice and dead calming, in case you’re at your wits end and need saving from the brink of crying into a Just Eat delivery.

This drink is so easy to make and I can see myself making it loads during the autumn and winter because it’s such a wintery drink and costs basically nothing compared to going out and buying a PSL. (I had an iced PSL today due to the fact that it was mid September but also 31 degrees. PSL is not a flavour that should be drunk iced. For cold, wintery days only.) I also made my London Fog caffeine free so it’s nice for before bedtime.

London fog latte – serves 1



  • Earl grey tea bags (I used Twinings decaf because that’s what I had. If I was going to make it again I would probably by a loose leaf and put it in my own disposable tea bag just because it will be more flavoursome. Pre-bagged still works well though)
  • Any kind of milk of your choice (I used oat milk because it was what I had in the back of the cupboard and I love it hot.)
  • Vanilla syrup OR vanilla pod and honey (I didn’t have any vanilla pods so I just used vanilla coffee syrup to flavour. Next time I will make it with pod and honey as I’m sure it will be nicer, also better for you.)


Fill just the bottom of a saucepan with water. Put on low heat until boiling. Add your tea bag, or 2 if you want a really strong flavour.

Mix the tea bag about for a few minutes until you have a really strong tea mixture in your pan. Then, without taking the bag out, add your milk (enough for a cup.) If you are using vanilla seeds, add them at this point. Keep stirring until hot enough to drink, then remove bag.

Add your vanilla syrup or strain your seeds out of the drink and add the honey. Make sure it’s all mixed in, then pour into your favourite mug (it doesn’t have to be as rude as mine.)


I would recommend drinking this while reading a good book and eating some chocolate, or maybe while watching Bake Off and eating a scone.

Happy PMS to you all.

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