ludicrously easy peachy iced tea

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This is totally ludicrously easy! I’m usually so pants at making iced tea and it ends up just sort of tasting like cold weak tea but this is the best way I have ever found of doing it!

I would especially suggest getting your hands on some little milk bottles or mason jars with lids so that you can pre-portion the iced tea out and keep in the fridge for a delicious grab and go drink that you have actually made yourself, not paid £3.50 for somewhere.

This recipe is also perfect for if you have some fruit that is going bad. The peaches I used were very nearly inedible so this was a great way to use up the rest of the punnet without having to throw anything away. I bet you could do it with other fruit too like raspberries or something.

When I went on about cafes the other day I told you about Leon’s peach iced tea and how incredible it is, and I’ve basically just tried to recreate it here in this recipe. Enjoy!

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Easy peach iced tea – makes 1.5 litres 


  • 3 very ripe peaches
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 tea bags
  • A tap

That’s it!


Cut up the peaches into little slices or chunks. Place them in a pan along with your cup of sugar and a cup of water. I’m guessing you could use a healthier sugar alternative but I used plain old caster because iced tea is a total sugary treat as far as I’m concerned.

Cook the mixture until the sugar is all dissolved, making sure to stir and crush up the peaches as much as you can to get all the juice out. When you think you’ve crushed them enough and all the sugar is dissolved, leave covered to sit for 30 minutes.

Strain this mixture with a sieve. (I didn’t have a sieve so I used a colander and it worked basically as well.) You want to keep just the syrup part that remains.

Next, boil the kettle to the full line (which is about 5 cups of water) and pour the boiled water over 3 tea bags. Leave 5 minutes for this to brew before combining with the peach syrup mixture and decanting into whichever bottle/jar you choose.

That’s it! Now you have easy peach tea at home and on the go whenever you want forever. 🙂

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