I tried doing gluten free and it was a bag of lols

So this week, on Monday exactly, I decided that I was going to try gluten free for a week to see how I got on and then do a blog post about it. I decided to do this because a couple of weeks ago I accidentally didn’t eat carbs for a few days and I felt really great. Not bloated or tired or anything! I wanted to see if this was just a coincidence and if I would feel better if I didn’t eat gluten on purpose.

I also read some stuff about how if you are lactose intolerant, which I am, then you are more likely to have slight intolerances to gluten which may be worth exploring. I also heard that if you have problem skin then cutting out gluten can help keep your skin balanced and keep you looking fresh and healthy. The only downside I could see to doing this would be that I would be cutting out yet another food group, which I couldn’t really afford to do. As I am lactose intolerant I eat really minimal dairy – the only things I do eat being when I get my Tesco shop full of Lactofree products delivered. I am also a vegetarian and I try not to eat eggs if possible because they are a chicken period. A period from a chicken. If that’s not wrong on all the levels I don’t know what is.

I knew that actually finding healthy nutritious meals was going to be an issue and that eating out was pretty much laughable. Therefore I spent most of the week inside, trying to come up with something interesting to eat next. The whole experience was made considerably more difficult by the fact that lately my insomnia has been in full force and some nights I only got maybe an hour’s sleep.

I kept a sort of mini diary over the time I did it and I was going to use this as notes to write out a more professional report but I’m just going to copy and paste the notes here because they describe my experience pretty well.


Day 1 of gluten free –

Started off okay – almost constantly hungry but hope that this will go away eventually.

Stomach seems a lot flatter after day 1 – have quite a lot of energy so far but I’m going through a lot of food – did workout.

Really craving fatty sugary carbs but managed to hold off on cravings with chocolate flavoured teas and artificially sweetened drinks.

Had smoothie with lots of protein and lots of salad.

Day 2 –

Hungry all the time. Walking out in the heat was so draining – feel like I have no energy. Went to Morrisons which was a really bad idea – so many pies and cakes and all that stuff. Went to buy ingredients for a recipe but they didn’t have any of them so I bought milk straws, bananas, nakd bars and a diet cherry coke which is my weakness – trying to be healthy but this was where I cracked, at least it wasn’t a set back. starting to think that eating super clean isn’t worth it – will see what happens. Not really any less bloated than day before. Hasn’t made an improvement on skin so far. Will keep going though.

Had some sushi – need to find other carbs to eat.

Day 3 –

Had porridge, skipped actual breakfast time due to insomnia which worked in my favour. Ate a lot of it with chia seeds, honey and blueberries and it seemed to keep me full for a while. Might be settling into it. Have no energy but mainly due to lack of sleep.

Found some gluten free biscuits to eat while watching Bake Off – they were nice.

Day 4 –

Lack of sleep. Had a bagel.

Had a sandwich.


Okay so I only made it to day 4, because I’m a quitter. I’m not saying that gluten free isn’t for me, because I admit that I haven’t given it a fair chance. I can’t expect to notice a change on day 1. However, it was a lot more stress than it was worth, I was always hungry and I just knew that my body wasn’t getting nearly enough food or nutrients without the usual food I eat (bagels.) One thing I will say is – I don’t know how Ella Woodward lives off the stuff she says she eats in her recipe books. How is that gal not hungry 24/7. Spill your secrets to me Ella.

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Bagels 4 lyf.

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