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Some of you may have seen my new profile picture. I barely ever change it because when I do it means I have to change it on Twitter, Facebook, the blog, Instagram, Whats App, the list goes on. Brand consistency and all that. I was also a bit sick of people saying “is your hair still blue? It’s so cool!” and me having to say “no” and seem boring. But basically my blue haired persona is a thing of the past, because I needed a change. To set the scene for you, I had recently gone for a haircut on a day when I was having a little bit of a crisis. This meant that I did that thing that every girl does in their lifetime – got bangs in the spur of the moment.

I don’t mind the fringe actually, although it’s a bit annoying in the wind and I don’t really like having a middle parting. The way I see it is, you save money on makeup because you don’t have to do the forehead bit and if you’re having a bad brow day then people are less likely to notice. But at this point, I had a fringe trimmed by my mother who just sort of chops randomly and walks away (she does an okay job but not exactly a professional) and a dye job which while perfectly nice at the time considering it was out of a packet, had faded to a dirty light red colour, reminiscent of my mid teens.

It was then that my guardian angels at Sassoon salon on Kings Road in Chelsea asked if I wanted to come in and have a cut and a colour done. Obviously, I said yes. Hair is very important. I need to have good hair so that it distracts from my greasy face and double chin.

When I first went to visit the salon, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated. It was one of the fanciest salons I have ever been in and I always feel like I stick out like a sore thumb in places like that. All of the staff were really welcoming though so I soon relaxed into it. I also loved the tiny bottle of Evian water they gave me. It made me feel even fancier. #smallpleasures.

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I had my cut with Chantal. I was a bit worried because I had spent so long growing it and I didn’t want much of the length off. Upon inspection however, it was concluded that about half of my hair had to go from the ends because it was completely dead from bleach. I knew it was the best thing to do in the long run as my ends did look super gross but I was afraid it was going to look like the mushroom haircut I had in year 7 (probably also done by my mum.) I was really surprised at how well it came out and how well it has stayed nice. I think even if you’re just getting a simple bob, you can definitely notice a good quality hair cut just by the way it feels, looks and holds it’s shape wash after wash. I think it’s probably the best haircut I’ve ever had.


I went back a few days later to get my colour done by Blythe. We had already decided that it was better if I went dark. This was so I could cover up the bleach and enable my hair to grow out to natural without putting too much colour on it. Dark hair also looks shinier and healthier in general. Definitely healthier than the weird light red colour.

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I knew I was going to love the colour but again I was really impressed with the quality of the finish. It looks so natural and you can see different colours running through it in different lights just like my natural hair colour. Again I think the quality of the product and colourist make all the difference. I think I will be sticking to this hair colour for quite a while because I feel like it really suits my personality.

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I think all in all, what I have learnt from this experience is to not be intimidated by fancy salons and take the plunge with your hair and invest enough money and time in it to keep it looking good. It’s so worth it when you look in the mirror every day and feel just as happy as when you walked out of the salon. I would definitely recommend Sassoon salon on Kings Road to anyone who wants to transform their look with none of the worry.

I was a model for Chantal and Blythe. Prices and more info can be found on the website

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