5 vegan chocolates you should totally try

I’m sure that for a lot of people, being lactose intolerant/vegan means that they really miss chocolate. Regular chocolate definitely has the worst affect on my body out of all dairy products, the dairy combined with high sugar content means I have been known to be in bed throwing up for 2 days after a bar of Dairy Milk.

As I’m more than used to living completely without normal chocolate and only eating the vegan stuff, I do find the normal ones way too sweet and rich for me. 1 square is more than enough to turn my stomach. However, that doesn’t mean that vegan chocolate shouldn’t be equally as luxurious. Going back again to my post about why a lot of vegan food is shit, while even just finding vegan chocolate is great, it needs to be more than that. The alternatives to traditional commercial chocolate shouldn’t be a weak imitation created to try and kill cravings, they should be highly delicious treats in themselves and have their own great flavour.


As someone who is known for having to pick the vegan delights from the chocolatey chuff, I’ve got a list of 5 starter chocolates that you should have a go at trying (aka this post is an excuse for you to go and buy loads of chocolate.) You may have to order them online if you live somewhere small but I got all of mine from Wholefoods in Piccadilly. You can definitely get some of them in other places too though, as I will be explaining as I take you through them all. The main thing to think about when trying vegan chocolate is to not be disappointed that it doesn’t taste just like Galaxy or whatever. Just enjoy it for what it is and you will defo appreciate how nice they are. Some of them are even a lot healthier for you too.

Moo Free

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This one I really like and is my go-to when I really want some chocolate, mainly because you can get it in Waitrose and some of the bigger Tesco stores. I like the fact that it isn’t a dark chocolate – it’s made from sugar, cocoa and rice rather than just being a dark chocolate that doesn’t happen to have any milk in it. It doesn’t exactly have the creamy taste you would expect but it’s nice in itself. You can get little bars too of different flavours like mint, orange and banana chip.

Green & Black’s Dark 70%

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What I really like about this one is that you can get it from basically any supermarket, even the little ones sometimes. You’ve probably had it before if you are a chocolate fan, even if you’re not vegan. The reason why I would buy it is that it comes in teeny weeny bars of only 205 cal for the whole thing which means self control need not be exercised. The only reason I don’t buy it more often is that it is a little bit dark for me to like that much. Still good though.


Cocoa Libre 

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Okay so this originally wasn’t going to be on the list, but it was recommended to me on twitter by Gift Frippery and they said it was the BEST vegan chocolate they had ever had so when I saw it in Wholefoods I picked it up. I tried it when I got home and it is WOW. I would say I would probably buy this one over Moo Free from now on if it is available because it is so amazingly creamy and chocolatey. I’m genuinely eating it right now. Thank you Cocoa Libre, my sweet angel.

The Raw Chocolate Co

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The next two chocolates I’m going to mention are both raw chocolate. These differ from standard dairy free in that they try to be as natural and healthy as possible – well they’re raw, basically. The ingredients of this one are virgin cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, raw lucuma and vanilla. Now just a tip – raw chocolate tastes NOTHING like traditional chocolate. If you’re new to raw choc I would start with the Vanoffe flavour – it’s their version of white chocolate and it tastes like vanilla and toffee. Om nom nom.

Ombar Centres

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When I first had Ombar, another raw chocolate, I was a bit like meh, this is kind of rank. But then they bought out Centres which is basically chocolate with a flavoured truffle centre. Decadent! I then I had a new respect for them because they had tried to go above and beyond with the vegan chocolate which obvs I appreciate. I tried the raspberry & coconut because they are two of my fave flaves and it was actually pretty good. Would recommend.

Please comment or tweet me @ooftbeebee if you have any other suggestions! I always love to find new chocolates to try 🙂



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