21 – What is life?

Okay so a week ago today I turned 21 after what felt like a lifetime of being 20. I thought I should write a post about it seeing as it is an Important Life Event. As usual, all of my friends etc have done it ages before me but it still matters to me as being important. Key in the door and all that. Whatever that means. I don’t feel any different to being 20 apart from the fact that I feel more entitled to say I’m “in my 20’s” and call other people teenagers. Also I can fly a commercial jet and apply to adopt a child. But what’s the likelihood really?

The actual day itself was so nice. I got to see loads of family and friends over the weekend, which to me is the best thing about a birthday. I would rather spend time seeing people than doing something more exclusive. (My little sister is having her 14th birthday at The Ritz?! 14 isn’t even an important birthday. And I have to pay for it. #notbitter.) Anyway, as well as all the fun there was the birthday PRIDE AND JOY, the thing you were all waiting for…

Pingu cupcakes.


Aren’t they amazing?! They turned out exactly how I wanted them. Here are some more cakes I recieved made by my Nanny (apart from the Moomin one, which was commisioned by Mother.)



Nice right? That’s the obligitory food part of the post done.

I also found a list on my Notes of all the things I wanted to do before I was 21, which was interesting and quite funny. Let’s take a look…

1. Be able to do all the good yoga positions 

This might seem easy enough but whgben you’re 5 ft 2 and half of your body is boob, flexibility becomes a bit of a challenge. I used to be pretty good at yoga and practice every day but I fell out of love with it recently and will have to work hard to get into it again. So I do know some, but not all. So this one was a bit of a fail.

2. Go up the Shard

Really thinking about it, I should have gone up the Shard. It’s pretty easy to do if you have the money. I didn’t even want to go all the way up, just to the bar bit. I will do it one day, but I didn’t when I was 20. So this is a bit of a fail too. Soz.

3. Try all the bath bombs in Lush 

I worked REALLY hard on this one. I did try all of the bath bombs in Lush Waterloo Station, but I don’t know if this counts, because they only have a small selection. There’s no way I could try all the ones in the Oxford Street store. I feel like I have had enough baths to say this is more or less complete though. Hell yes BBs.

4. Be able to put all my hair up

This was a very long struggle called Growing Out a Pixie Cut. At the time of turning 21, I could put all my hair up in a bun aside from a few random strands. But then the lovely Chantal from Sassoon on Kings Road chopped all my bleached to death ends off so it’s very short again. I did do this one though.

5. Lose a stone (ish)

Ha. Better late than never I guess. In the last month I have lost 12lbs thanks to willpower, vegetarianism and FitBit. Not technically before my birthday, but any weight loss is good weight loss. I’m on track to be 10 stone by my next birthday if I can keep it all off.

6. Get a new tattoo

I was all geared up and ready to get this tattoo that I had picked out because it held a lot of meaning to me, but then I backed out because I thought it might actually have too much meaning attached to it. Symbolic tattoos keep you living in the past, and I only want to look towards the future.

7. Become someones girlfriend

Well I did it. It wasn’t the walk in the park I had anticipated when writing the list, but completed none the less. While it has been quite difficult, I have learned a valuable lesson to go with your instincts, follow your heart and not listen to the judgement you get from other people, or indeed, yourself. Guilt is a heavy burden than none of us need to bear. All in all, I’m happy.

8. Read all the books I own

Lets be real, I am NEVER going to read His Dark Materials. Never. I don’t care if it’s good. I will never read it. #sorrynotsorry

So that was my whole list. I feel like I did okay. I also quickly composed this list of the things I want to do before I’m 22:

  • Lose 3 stone 
  • Get really good at yoga (again)
  • Publish my first poetry collection
  • Actually take my driving test 
  • Pay back all my debt (except student loan bc let’s be real) 
  • Make my blog really good
  • Stand over a motorway on a bridge (I’ve just always wanted to do it) 

So come back next year to see how I get on! Well, come back before that. But y’know.


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