Three teas that you need to try right this second


It’s mainly boiling hot but if you care about tea BUT AT ALL you will persevere and drink it anyway as sweat drips from your brow, mixing with the remenants of yesterday’s foundation and night cream and finally lands solemnly into your cup of steaming hot water that you have boiled for yourself to drink even though it is over 25 degrees outside.

F***ing ages ago I went to T2 for the first time and it is one of my favourite tea shops now. I originally went to their Bath store when I was there a few months ago and then I went for a follow up visit to the one in Shoreditch, London. In both stores the staff were very friendly and attentive – they let me try basically any tea I wanted (there was one I even “tried” about three times and then didn’t even buy) but they really do want you to choose a tea that you will really enjoy. I would recommend visiting. If you sign up to their club thing as well they will send you emails about days you can get a free cup of tea and stuff. You can find out everything about their stores and more on their website.


The teas and tisanes are not cheap but they’re not crazy expensive either so a box will make a great present for someone you like an average amount or just as a little treat for you that isn’t too extravegant like a car or something. They also have selection boxes featuring a bunch of different teas that you can try once and then come back for more if you like it. I told one of the staff members that my post about the best chocolate teas went down a treat on the blog, so he recommended me the chocolate selection box to try.

I have to admit, I haven’t really had a chance to try every single one in the box, so you may get another post about these that you probably won’t really care about, but out of the ones I have tried so far, these three I’m about to mention are the ones I would probably be happy to buy again in a bigger box.

Caramel brownie 


Caramel brownie was the first one I actually tried, so I think this is why it is one of my favourites. I just wasn’t prepared for the quality of the teas to be quite so good so it was a really nice surprise. The first thing about Caramel brownie is the smell. It hits you right in the face right when you open the packet. Both the smell and the taste are exceptionally caramelly, so I would recommend if you like that sort of thing. I actually found the caramel a bit on the potent side, so I ended up brewing for 2 minutes rather than the suggested 4. But you can do whatever you want. This tea is perfect if you’re craving that sweet treat but want to cut back on the old cals.

White white cocoa 


It’s white, and it’s cocoa. I wrote down the first thing I thought when I took a sip. It was:

“Shit, that’s nice.”

My experience of white tea is limited, it sort of scares me a bit. I don’t know why. This tea is luxuriously coconuty, less of a tea and more of an experience. It is truly decedant. Not like a low fat yoghurt that pretends to be a naughty little treat, like genuinely made me feel like something special was going on. It made me feel like I was on the god damn Riviera. My only negative about it is that as the temperature drops, it does start to leave a bit of a sour aftertaste. So drink it hot and drink it fast.

Red choc mint


The mint flavour is really prominent. It could do with a little bit more of a chocolately edge but you can tell the flavours have been delicately balanced and all factors of the combo are definitely in play. It’s creamy, yet refreshing, like a mint choc chip ice cream. I had it with a bit of almond milk which was totes delish. 10/10 would recommend.

Please chuck me a comment if you have tried any teas from T2 and which ones are your faves 🙂


  1. Chelsea - TastetheTea 27th July 2016 / 7:14 pm

    Not tired any of the T2 stuff yet but planning to pop into their store soon!

  2. Chelsea - TastetheTea 27th July 2016 / 7:14 pm

    Not tired any of the T2 stuff yet but planning to pop into their store soon!

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