In defense of not going on holiday


For the last 11 days I have been in Northern Spain, exploring around a bit. As with basically all holidays I go on, there have been some ups and downs, but that’s for another post.


The last two days I have stayed in the villa all day doing work because I am really ready to go home. I think 2 weeks is definitely too long for me to be somewhere and 1 week is plenty for any holiday I think. When I go away I like to go away for maybe 3 nights so that you’re always left wanting more at the end of the trip and not desperate to get home and resume normal life. The end of a holiday does sort of feel like 2nd January – the festivities are over and you just want to get back to normal, have a bit of a health kick and go full force with work again.


This holiday made me realise a few things about myself. One is that I’m not a person for relaxing. I don’t mean that I’m constantly on the go and a work-a-holic, far from it. I watch Friends in the middle of the day and I spend a lot of my working day sat on the sofa with my laptop. I don’t ever feel the need to be lying down on a beach at any point and I think this is because my work life balance is really good. I think if people are longing to just be doing nothing so much, they can’t really like their life at all. I like my job and I like having something to write to keep me occupied. Life isn’t about 50 weeks of stress and 2 weeks of doing absolutely nothing. It’s about doing 3 hours of work and then watching a sneaky episode of Arrested Development on Netflix while eating a mini baguette. So from now on, I will never apologise for not being able to turn my phone off, sunbathe for hours on end or sit around chatting aimlessly with a bottle of wine for 2 weeks. Honestly, it’s not that fun to me. Just because other people like it doesn’t mean I have to force myself to. I love looking around cities and museums and art galleries to learn something but beach holidays suck. Official. Not sorry.


Also, it made me realise that I like being alone. A lot. Like 80% of the time. I can force myself to socialise for one evening, maybe one whole day tops, but two weeks drives me a bit crazy, even if it’s people I really like. I’m not usually good in a big group so it takes a lot out of me to maintain this facade of wanting to socialise. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful for people’s company, or rude, or unsociable, I just like being by myself. And that’s okay too. If you really can’t stand to be alone, it might just be that you’re not particularly interesting, even to yourself. Think about that.

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I am glad that I got the oppurtunity to go on this holiday and that everyone has made me feel really welcome. I like the fact that I did get to take a break from work for a little while and that I got to see a new country I had never been to before. But I think on the whole, I might sack off holidays for good. Give me a cup of tea and Netflix over sandy beaches any day.

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P.s. This is a food blog so lets give a side mention to the food. I don’t like Spanish food. That’s all. I’m going to Pret when I get home.


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