My top 3 baking books that you have to get right now

As a creative writing student, I’m pretty into words. As a food blogger, I’m pretty into cake. Therefore words ABOUT cake is pretty high up on my list of great things. I love baking books – the photos, the recipes and how pretty they look on my bookshelf in amongst “The Bee Who Spoke” and a copy of Psychologies magazine from August 2014. (I do have real books, difficult ones, like Harry Potter.)

I have 3 favourite books that are my first point of call for all of my baking needs, such as baking for gifts, birthdays or just because it’s a Saturday night and I have no friends. If you want to bake something really fancy or just practice your skills, get these 3 books and they will show you a great time for £15-£20.

The Hummingbird Bakery – Cake Days

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The first time I met this book was in John Lewis, and the attraction was instant. Sparks were flying, and that’s not just because we were near the electronics section. The Hummingbird Bakery is, I think, in Soho. I have walked past there a few times wistfully as I’m pretty sure it’s a total dairy fest in there. Luckily I got the book as a present so I can make dairy free versions of all their best recipes! Yay! The photography in this book is the bomb – shout out to Kate Whitaker who takes all the photos, because I want to be you. In actual fact, she also does the photos for…

Bea’s of Bloomsbury – Tea with Bea

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I don’t only like this book because it is basically the name of my blog or because good old Kate did the photography. Tea with Bea actually has a page all about choosing the perfect tea, which I really appreciate because tea is an important accompaniment to cake. There’s also loads of great baking tips in there and you can make some really impressive looking end products which are actually surprisingly simple to do. They also have one of the best recipes for vegan chocolate cake ever. If you want to make some other types of vegan cake though, there’s always…

Ms Cupcake – The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town!

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ALL of the recipes in here are vegan which is the best, and they can also all be made gluten free! This book is full of really amazing recipes and it all started from one woman in her little flat in South London. (Represent). It’s got a great trouble shooting page specifically for vegan cake problems and also has a really helpful section about what some American terms for ingredients mean in British talk. Ms Cupcake has loooooads of recipes for different frosting and even has a recipe for Fried. Pie. Oooooh yeeeeeah.


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    Purewow had a post just like this, and psst (keep it a secret), yours is somewhat … Well lets say I am about to order this books by ebay

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