Magical water ballet with Taylors of Harrogate tea


On 9th May 2014, something totally rad happened at Kew Gardens. I know you’re all thinking, “but hold on, Kew Gardens is super cool in it’s own right! What could possibly have happened at that magical botanical menagerie that would out do its already majestic and awe inspiring beauty?!”

Well I will tell you. The (no exaggeration here) breathtaking image of a dancer from Northern Ballet was projected onto a screen of water at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to effectively achieve the first ever ballet performance on water. I didn’t attend the event personally but there is a video (is it down with the kids to call a YouTube clip a video? #too90sforyou) and the whole concept, not to mention the performance itself, is really amazing.


“Now that’s all very well and good Bee, but I thought this was a food blog? I came here looking for delicious treats, not water ballet.”

Plot twist, this post is in fact about treats after all!

The reason behind this original performance was to mark a new collaboration between Taylors of Harrogate and the Royal Botanical Gardens. The partnership has launched a new range of fruit and herbal teas using premium ingredients.

Kate Halloran, Senior Tea Buyer at Taylors said: “We started this process with one goal, to make the purist, best-tasting infusions available so it seemed obvious to collaborate with the world-leading plant experts at Kew.”

As Kate says, they had one job, and man did they do it well. I was sent the full range of these teas to try out and every single one was absolutely delicious. I always feel let down when fruit teas have a lack of flavour, but after brewing these for about 4 minutes as was recommended on the box, the strength of the taste was perfect – not too weak but not overpowering. When brewed for the optimum time, the delicate flavours of these teas really come through and you can taste real berries and plants instead of just generic fruit tea flavours. These teas taste how you would imagine Kew Gardens to taste if you squeezed it into a mug. The best range of tea I have ever tasted, hands down.

While all the teas are yummy in their own way, my personal favourite is the Chamomile and Vanilla. I’ve never really bought chamomile tea in a box before as it can be a bit hit and miss, but since receiving this blend I’ve had a cup before bed every night and it’s perfect for relaxing you while also being packed with flavour. The Blackberry & Elderflower and Sweet Rhubarb flavours come in at a close second with really natural, authentic flavours that I’ve never tasted packaged into a tea before.

The moral of this story is, buy this tea from the Kew Gardens gift shop, their website or leading supermarkets. Just £3.50 for a little box of botanical heaven.

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